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TEH Conference 87 ”pARTicipation through cultural reflexions“

Anfangsdatum: 16.05.2019 01:00
Enddatum: 19.05.2019 00:00
Location: Zentralwerk
Veranstaltungsort: Dresden, Germany
A central potential of art lies in opening access to other ways of thinking and seeing the world. The prerequisite for this is that art does not seek to educate its recipients. An important possibility of artistic work is to create encounters in which all participants can perceive themselves as actors within the artistic process. In order to enable an encounter at eye level, it is important that the initiators of the participatory work also understand it as a process with an open outcome.
Together, potentials are recognised, difficulties discussed and concepts developed. This creates knowledge that can be internalised, shared and passed on by all participants. Ideally, participants themselves become future initiators and the process radiates step by step into even larger groups.
These ideas will be further analyzed and discussed during the TEH Conference 87 ”pARTicipation through cultural reflexions“ in Zentralwerk, Dresden on 16-19 May 2019. The conference will offer participants a variety of opportunities to exchange artistic strategies and working methods that enable citizens throughout Europe to experience participation in social processes.