The World EXPO 2005 Aichi Japan and her Art Program

The EXPO 2005 with the main theme Theme "NATURE'S WISDOM" is a guest for 185 days at Aichi, Japan. During this time from March 25 until September 25 is planned a voluminous program with Entertainment like National Days, Massage Events and Association Programs. In order to promote wide-ranging participation from around the world and to develop the theme of the Exhibition, the main theme will be divided into several sub-themes...
So we can read the beginning of the Expo Message 2005: "The 20th century saw the formation of a new global society. The remarkable progress made in science and technology, the development of high-speed methods of transportation, and the evolution of information and communications technologies have all accelerated the global interchange of people, goods, and information to an unbelievable extent. The world has been truly transformed. Human beings' seemingly insatiable desire for expansion, the source of this transformation, continues unabated. This has placed a tremendous burden on the natural environment, exceeding its capacity for self-recovery. The result is that we must now deal with a number of potential world crises. The time has come for the people who make up the global society of the 21st century to work together in the pursuit of a sustainable and harmonious coexistence for all life on Earth."

"Diverse Ways Of Happiness" is the title of the Art Programm, which is in this relation the official event of EXPO 2005, introduces works by young artists representing today's world and serves a bridge to the innovative culture of the 21st century. The artists, who were born after 1970 and grew up in a new era where existing values and ethics dramatically shifted, will present their ideas in a form of sculpture and photography in seven different locations within the EXPO grounds. This Art Program is promoted and operated by Shinya Izumi, General Producer of EXPO 2005, and curated by Mr. Tsutomu Okada (Spiral/Wacoal Art Center). There are exhibitions in some Global Commons around the Expo area.

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An article by Michaela Delenk, Arts Management Network, Weimar
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